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The smartest decision Mozilla made when building the Firefox browser was the robust extension support. The extensive collection of extensions now available are the key to its success and a prominent factor in what makes the browser great. As most of you know, extensions are browser addons that build on the functionality of the Firefox browser. It can be as simple as adding toolbar buttons, or as complex as a complete application, such as a RSS feed reader. Extensions enable Firefox to be customized to meet individual needs and preferences.

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best extensions for Firefox. When evaluating extensions for recommendation, not only do we consder the functionality and features of the extension, but we also test to ensure it works well with all the other extensions we recommend. This has been a lengthy evaluation in which we have taken great care to recommend high quality extensions that serve a useful purpose. The recommended extensions will also be updated on an ongoing basis. Therefore, be sure to check back for updates periodically.

Adblock Plus 
Adblock Plus does an exceptional job of blocking ads and annoying content in pages. It is very customizable and can also easily eliminate any desired elements of a page on command. A complete subscription-based, automatic update solution is available for the block list, free of charge, as well as the ability to setup custom block lists. The only downside about Adblock Plus is that on occassion, it can also result in a page not displaying as designed, often ommitting necessary content. However, it is easy to either disable Adblock Plus temporarily or set it to always be disabled on certain sites only.

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