General PC Tips and Tricks!

Desktop icons can be easily moved as one unit by holding down your left mouse button then forming a square around the icons you wish to move. Let go of the button and click and hold on one of the icons and you'll be able to move all of the highlighted icons at once. This one may seem obvious to those in the know, but I recently spotted a friend of mine trying to move a single icon at a time until I showed him this tip. Well, unless you have oodles of time to waste, you can't possibly know all the ins and outs of your computer.
Shortcut icon graphics can easily be changed by right-clicking them and selecting properties. Click change icon and you'll be presented with a generic list of icon graphics to replace the current one or you can browse your entire computer for anyone you like. Be careful, once you change the icon, you may have trouble finding the original again (usually in the same folder as the program the icon points to) This only works for shortcut icons. For other icons, such as my computer etc. you may change them by right-clicking any empty space of your desktop and select properties, then choose effects.
The Start menu is a great place to put important shortcuts to essential web-sites, folders, or often used control panel options. For example to place an Add-Remove Programs shortcut in the Start menu. Click Start, go to settings and then click control panel. Drag (left click hold and move) Add-Remove Programs, or whichever you want, to the Start button and let go. The shortcut will automatically be placed in the Start menu. Now whenever you press Start it will be in the top selections. If there's more than one there, you can arrange the order by left-click-hold and move up or down.
Sound settings can be changed to point to custom sound files you may have downloaded off the Internet. Or simply select a favorite sound already on your system. You can even have no sound played during startup if you wish for your system to boot faster. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, and open Sounds. There's many different sounds in this list and it's out of the reach of this simple tutorial to explain them all. Start Windows is obviously your startup sound and Exit Windows is your shutdown sound. You can select none to speed up slower machines or become obsessed and find cool voice sounds on the Internet that say something like "Initiating Computer Setup" or even sound-bites from your favorite movies. You can fool around and try different sounds for opening and closing files, etc. but write down your original sound files or else you may end up with an annoying sound every time you open a file.

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