Way to disable bX-errors for Bloggers

I've noticed many people are experiencing bX-errors when attempting to preview changes to their template through the "Edit HTML" page.

Reasons: This only seems to happen when the "expand widget templates" box is checked; it can even occur when no changes have been made to the template at all, or when trying to upload a new template.

I experienced this issue myself last week, and for a while I thought there was some issue with my templates (which are heavily customized). However, this also happened with new, default, un-customized templates. In my experiences of this issue, the error codes changed each time I tried to preview the template.

Solution: Clear the cookies in your browser!

How to clear cookies for your browser

For Internet Explorer 7.0

  1. Select "Tools" from your browser menu
  2. Select "Internet Options".
  3. Open the "General" tab.
  4. In "Browsing history" area click the "Delete" button.
  5. In "Delete browsing history" window click "Delete cookies" button and then click "Yes".
  6. Click Close and then click OK.

For Firefox 3

  1. Select "Tools" from the browser menu
  2. Choose "Clear Private Data"
  3. Check the "Cookies" box
  4. Click the "Clear private data now" button.

Keep it in mind—whenever you edit any HTML  code for your blog,atfirst save the original templete.

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have you post about 'how to showing some widget on a certain page?', trying to search your entire blog but couldn't found it.

or i missed the link?

if so, then please share us your tricks.

thank you.

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