FXHome Vision Lab Studio Pro v323

Create incredible special effects Choose from hundreds of different visual effects, powered by four highly flexible engines that provide full creative control.
Muzzle flashes: Photo-realistic, 3D flashes for any type of explosive weapon. Exciting action sequences can now be safe and realistic.
Particles: An endless variety of particle-based effects, including: smoke, rain, fireballs, blood squibs, bullet impacts and many more.
Optics: Select a lens flare preset or construct your own using a versatile shape editor. Perfect for enhancing on-set lighting and CG effects.
Neon light: Stunning hand-drawn neon for vivid sci-fi and fantasy movies with versatile glow options and animation.
Professional compositing toolkit Combine different movie clips and still images, including greenscreen footage, to create entirely new shots.
Pre-key grading: Enhance your image quality before compositing for the best possible results. Green and blue screens no longer require perfect lighting to achieve perfect results.
Keying options: Effortlessly remove green and bluescreens using a selection of optimized tools.
Garbage mattes: Clean up any composite using hand-drawn garbage mattes that can be easily animated and positioned.
Animation: Movie clips and images can be scaled, positioned and warped using context-sensitive canvas tools. Ideal for presentations as well as intricate compositing.
Masking: Blend separate movies together using a variety of masks, including hand-drawn shapes and alpha transparency from other objects.
Composite filters: Explore exciting and innovative visual possibilities with displacement warping, gleam rays, cinematic glow and realistic light spill.
Digital color grading Craft a memorable visual style for any type of video production.
Color correction: Easily match footage from different sources using a vast selection of grading filters.
Digital selection: Grading filters can be used on specific areas of your image. Alter the color of an actor's eyes without affecting his skin tone, for example.
Mood and atmosphere: Whether you need harsh, cold, winter blues or warm, sun-drenched summer reds, the grading filters can give your movie a unique identity or replicate an existing cinema style.
Distortion: Create artificial depth of field, motion blur, over-exposure as well as twirls and waves.



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