How to put a run command window shortcut on your vista start menu 

By default, in Windows vista the run command NCAVCJZ5ACAZKZDKBCA4YQ3JHCAVSFAI5CATO9I8BCA7PWKZGCAG6H20TCAQUMS25CAX3X2EDCAOQ8HUUCACI3DZUCAQ3EC1FCA4Y2ZOXCAXUUJR2CAT2XDESCA17Q5ZKCA9EMFQMCAJV19GNCAKMEYSXwindow shortcut does not appear in the start menu. To get it to come up you need to type the word run into the Search bar at the bottom of the Windows Vista start menu. This is annoying, considering that it was available the Windows XP start menu.

Here is how to put a run command shortcut on your start menu in Windows Vista:

1. Right click on a blank space in your taskbar
2. Go to the start menu tab
3. Press on the customize button
4. Then scroll down near the bottom and tick the box next to run command
5. Press OK and then apply

Now your run command will be available in your Windows Vista start menu.

I was extremely relieved when I found out that it was that easy to put the run command link back into the Windows Vista start menu. It's just one of those annoying things in Windows Vista, however this time it is easily fixed.

You can also drag that shortcut down into your quick launch toolbar so you can access it at any time.

Help_support_55 I hope the solution provided above will help you fix the problem, if you know another way to solve this trouble or other problem related to this please share it through comments.

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