Links in Wikipedia - Helpful to increase Page Rank?

As you may know, Wikipedia has a PageRank of 8 which is really high. Many people is hoping to get a link from a high PR site, as it has positive effect on a site's PR for getting such link. Since Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that allows every one to edit it, many webmasters have a habit or eager to try to post their links in the relevant topics in wikipedia.

However, is it really useful, no matter in terms of getting a higher PR, or getting a better crawling by search engines' spieders, to post links in Wikipedia?

The answer is NO. Pretty bad, right? It is because all the external links in Wikipedia has "No Follow" attribute. That mean Google's spider will not follow the link and enter the site of yours. Apart from that, the editors from Wikiepdia will also delete the links you posted, due to self-promotion reason.

As a result, don't waste your time to paste your link in the Wikipedia now, since it is pointless to do so. Spend your time properly on the web directories (Some directories can also have a high PR as well.)

I hope the solution provided above will help you fix the problem, if you know another way to solve this trouble please share it through comments.

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