Pinnacle Of studio Of ultimate 05a with Of plugins & Of addon

Year of the release: 2009
Version: 05a

Date of : January 2009
Platform: PC
Compatability from Vista: complete
Language of the interface: Multilanguage,

Transform your videos and photos into amazing movies
• NEW theme-based video editing gives you creative power
• Capture, edit and burn: The complete native HD solution

Combining power and simplicity, Pinnacle Studio™ Plus version 12 lets you take control of the latest HD video editing technologies, including Blu-ray and AVCHD. All new Pinnacle Montage theme based editing - designed by professional producers and artists - puts incredible creative power at your fingertips. Simply drag and drop your video clips and still images to preview your movie – and watch your content come alive complete with Hollywood style multi-layered effects, animated graphics, titles and Hi-Fi audio. Edit and polish to your heart’s content with the sleek new video editing interface. When you are finished, archive your video memories, publish them on YouTube™, or enjoy them on DVDs and portable devices. With Pinnacle Studio Plus you’ll be able to easily edit your homemade movies with professional tools and output quality.

Exclusive Feature
• Your Story - Now in Dazzling HD: Pinnacle Studio Plus works natively with HDV and AVCHD footage. Native HD support means you’ll get the same pristine quality from your original source all the way to final output – without transcoding and in real-time. You can even combine projects that mix standard and high definition video and photos for a final result in full HD resolution.
Built-in HD Disc Burning: Burn your Hollywood-style movies on DVD and HD DVD format discs on standard DVD media. Natively author Blu-ray format discs with full motion menus. Or make AVCHD format discs on standard DVDs to play on Blu-ray players.
Enjoy multi-track power without the complexity: Thanks to fantastic pre-built templates designed by professional producers and artists, Pinnacle Montage automatically generates all the necessary titles, effects and animations.
Create multi-layer effects: Access to Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key or A/B editing with two video tracks at the tip of your fingers.
Mix your media together: Use all your media - photos, video, and music - to create a Hollywood-style movie.

11 themes with +80 templates including Video Wall, Album, Seasons and more

Optimized for performance: Unleash the power of your computer. This means a faster, smoother experience while you work and in your final output.
• Real-time multi-track editing: Create advanced effects like Chroma Key, graphics overlay and Picture-in-Picture (PIP).
Key frame-able 2D/3D motion graphics: Pick from hundreds of effects and transitions, and preview them in full quality, even in HD. If you ever need even more creative variety, add to your effects library with just a few simple clicks.
Scorefitter music generator: Automatically generate a rich soundtrack to match the length of your movie; now with 40+ source tracks that feature more choice, higher fidelity and increased accuracy.
Web publishing simplified: What fun is capturing your memories if you don’t share them? In just One-Click share your movies with the world on popular web sites like YouTube and Yahoo! Video
Refined audio editing: New digital controls and monitors to add a dimension in sound to your movie.
Clean up and rejuvenate: Improve audio tracks, clean up video, enhance color, remove noise, and fix poor lighting to restore old, damaged footage – automatically.
Even more ways to share: Output movies to Sony PSP, Apple iPod, DivX certified players and even 3GP mobile phones. Export to Flash video too.
Built-in HD Disc Burning: Burn DVD, HD DVD and AVCHD format discs on standard DVD media. Natively author Blu-ray format discs with full motion menus.
Scalable user interface: Keeps tools at your fingertips. Adjustable windows are perfect for widescreen monitors.

Support of several video and audio layers.

Create professional special-effect picture in the picture (PIP), after arranging one [videodorozhku] above another, or the effect of [khromakeinga] (blue of screen), which makes it possible to cut out object from video, taken against the uniform dark-blue background, and to put it on [videodorozhku].

Powerful cursor with the instantaneous results.

Always during the editing, you can instantly examine that the fact that you make on the complete screen. At the basis Of pinnacle Of studio lie the system of [videoredaktirovaniya] of professional quality, the possibility giving you to rapidly pass way from the seizure to the finished film.

Unique tool of video and audio restoration.

Pinnacle Of studio makes simple the process of retaining the memorable to you fragments, because of the fantastic tools of the restoration of video and sound:
- The stabilization of video- corrects the vibration of picture during the photographing from the hands
- Automatic [tsvetokorrektsiya] - corrects video, taken with the incorrect illumination.
- Cleaning video- restores old tapes.
- Noise reduction - moves away noise of wind, hissing and noise of the mechanics of camera.

Integrated creation CD and DVD.
From Studio, you can create and write down disk on your CD or DVD drive, and then lose it on the majority of standard everyday DVD [pleerakh]. Create menu with many references, [animirovannye] menu and [animirovannye] buttons. Because of the integrated tool of [avtoringa] CD/DVD directly on the temporary rule, Pinnacle Of studio of version 12 ensures the complete flexibility of the creation Of video CD and DVD.

Sensational effects of image.
You will place static images into [animirovannye] of slide- show. Use an increase or a decrease of pictures and the displacement of the camera: this is the unique method to add animation in the slide- show. You even can revolve your photographs and move away red eyes!

Professionally appearing films.
Select from the extensive library surprising 2d and 3d passages, select from the catalog of [titrovy] or create your own, make a record of your own votees in favor sequence and import your dear music… creative possibilities they are limitless.

Rich assortment of video and audio filters.
Pinnacle Of studio is supplied with the set of the fantastic filters, which you can use in your film, instantly examining the result:
- The filters of image - gripping [videoeffekty] of the type of old cinema, waves, specks of light of lenses created and so forth.
- Audio filters - effects of professional level, such as reverberation, graphic equalizer and normalization.

Possibilities for the domestic theater
Because of the support of the new possibilities, such as volumetric sound, wide-screen video with the relationship 16 x 9 and Dolby Of digital of audio, you can give to your film the unique form of professional cinema.

Key possibilities:

Extended possibilities of the editing of video.
- [Multitrekovoe] [videoredaktirovanie].
- The effect of [khromakeinga] (Blue of screen).
- Effect is picture in the picture (PIP).
- [Animirovannye] of slide- show with the effects of scanning and [zuma].
- Seizure and the editing of wide-format (16: 9) or standard (4: 3) video.
- Seizure and the editing of material from your DV, Digital8 or MicroMV of digital camera.
- Seizure and the editing of material with your of 8mm, VHS, SVHS, VHS- C or SVHS- C of analog camera.
- Seizure and editing in MPEG-2 with DVD by quality from your DV or Digital8 of camera.
- Import and editing MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 of files.
- Simple editing with the support of interface drag- and -drop.
- The extended possibilities of temporary rule for the frame installation.
- The window of preliminary survey instantly reflects results.

Passages and [videoeffekty]
- Is more than 100 passages between the scenes and Hollywood FX 3d passages.
- The professional effects of captions into Pinnacle Of titleDeko™, including the rejection of shadows and neon glow.
- The effects of the acceleration/of retarding video.
- Special [videoeffekty] and the correction of image.
- An improvement in the quality of video.
- The stabilization of image.
- Automatic [tsvetokorrektsiya].
- Cleaning the image, seized from the analog sources.
- The support Of rTFx™ of [plaginov].
- The effects of fade in and fade of out.

Audio possibility and effects
- The import of background music in the form OF MP3 of files or [rip] directly with audio CD.
- The record of running voice.
- The creation of the musical fragments of those of accurately attached to the duration of film.
- The removal of sonic noise.
- Stereo scanning.
- Scanning in the surrounding space (Surround of sound of pan).
- Graphic equalizer.
- Support VST™ of [plaginov].

Extended possibilities of the publication of video
- The arrangement of video on the tape, DVD, Video CD and into the Internet.
- The record by video CD or DVD, which you can lose on domestic DVD [pleere].
- Support to the record one- and two-layered DVD.
- Conclusion in MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4*.
- The conclusion Of dolby® Of digital of [audio]*
- The conclusion of wide-screen (16: 9) or standard (4: 3) video.
- Conclusion in the size Windows Of media® 9.

Supported sizes
Video: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, WMV
Static images: BMP, JPG, TGA, TIF, WMF
Sound: AVI, MP3, MPA, WAV, WMA


Disks: DVD, Video CD (VCD) and Super Of video CD (SVCD)
Video: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV
Static images: BMP, JPG, TGA, TIF, WMF
Sound: WAV, MPA, MP3, WMA

System requirements
- Windows® XP SP2 (SP3), of Windows Of vista™ (SP1)
- Intel® Of pentium® or OF AMD Of athlon™ of 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or of higher of recommended)
- Intel Of pentium HT or OF AMD Of athlon of 2.4 GHz or of 1.6 GHz Of dual of core of required of for Windows Of vista Of intel® Of core™2 Of duo of 2.4 GHz or of higher of required of for of 1440×1080 AVCHD of editing
- Intel® Of core™2 Of quad of 2.66 GHz or of higher of required of for of 1920×1080 AVCHD of editing
- 1 GB of system of memory of recommended
- 2 GB of required of for AVCHD* of recommended of for HD of and/or Windows Of vista
- DirectX® 9 or 10 compatible of graphics of card of with 64 MB (128 MB or of higher of recommended), 128 MB of required of for Of plug-ins (for Of magic Of bullet Of looks: Pixelshader of 2 required, Intel GMA of integrated of graphics of not of supported; for Of vitaScene of with HD: 512MB of recommended)
- 128 MB of required on Windows Of vista (256 MB or of higher of recommended)
- 256 MB of required of for HD and AVCHD*
- DirectX 9 or higher of compatible of sound of card
- 3 GB of of disk of space DVD-ROM of drive to of install of software


Pinnacle Of studio Of ultimate of v12 of with Of plugins & Of addon
RELEASE-DATE: January 2009
LANGUAGE: MultiLanguage
Discs: 1 DVD5

Pinnacle Of studio™ Of ultimate of version of 12 lets of you of take of advantage of of the of latest HD of video of editing of technologies, including Of blu-ray and AVCHD. All of new Of pinnacle Of montage of theme of based of editing - designed by of professional of producers and artists - puts of incredible of creative of power at of your of fingertips. Simply of drag and drop of your of video of clips and still of images to of preview of your of movie - and watch of your of content of come of alive, complete of with Of hollywood of style of multi-layered of effects, animated of graphics, titles and Hi-Fi of audio. Edit and polish to of your of heart’s of content of with of the of sleek of new of video of editing of interface. When of you of are of finished, archive of your of video of memories, publish of them on Of youTube™, or enjoy of them on Of dVDs and portable of devices.

Pinnacle Of studio™ Of ultimate of version of 12 includes of professional of software of tools of for of titling, color of correction, lighting and special of effects, plus a of green of screen of backdrop (included in of Box’s retail version).

Install of iNFO
- Unpack
- Burn/Of mount
- execute of the Of pinnacle.pixie.activation.exe of crack BEFORE of installation
- Install Of pinnacle Of studio Of ultimate 12
- Use Of keygen of for Of install Of plugin Of pinnacle Of studio Of ultimate 12
(thx Of aGAiN 2008)
- Install Of plugin Of pinnacle Of studio Of ultimate 12
- Install Of plugin of vitascene of for Of pinnacle Of studio Of ultimate 12
- Patch of with Of studio Of patch to Of install Of plugin Of pinnacle
Studio Of ultimate 05a
- Enjoy it!

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