Asus has unveiled the Eee Top ET1602, an all-in-one touch-screen that boasts the full functionality of a regular desktop pc.

Equipped with 15.6" five-wired resistive touch panels, the new Eee Top ET1602 enables users to manage what they see onscreen by applying direct pressure with their fingertips. The 15.6" widescreen (16:10) LCD, bolstered by Eee Splendid Video Intelligence Technology ensures the Eee Top's display remains vivid regardless of environmental lighting. It also features integrated Hi-Fi speakers and SRS TruSurround HD technology.

The Eee Top ET1602 touch-screen computer is quick and simple to set up - just attach a power cord, and it's ready for use. Catering to users new to Windows who would appreciate the simplicity afforded by an icon-driven, touch-and-select interface, Eee Top ET1602 features an exclusive Easy Mode within Windows that allows users to locate and access commonly-used applications easily within streamlined and readily-accessible menus. This makes Windows immediately intuitive to users with the most meager of computing experience, including children.

Contributing to the Eee Top's simplicity of use are its preinstalled applications like Eee Memo, that enables users to write messages for their family members on desktop 'stickies' with just their fingers. SoftStylus allows them to input text without requiring a physical keyboard - it recognizes handwriting and also offers a virtual keyboard as an alternative. Surfing the internet is also possible without a mouse, with Opera Touch enhanced for touchscreen use that supports drag-and-drop functions, widgets and 'speed dialing'.

Tying in all of the Eee Top ET1602 touch-screen computers' multimedia capabilities is Eee Cinema, a full-featured multimedia center that enhances the user's enjoyment of photos, videos, music and movies. Offering a user interface that is akin to that found in consumer set-tops, Eee Cinema puts the ability to browse, select and play all of the user's media at his or her fingertips.

To fit full functionality into a sleek casing, the Eee Top ET1602 is economaical with space. The system's carrying handle, also serves as a keyboard holder and the cooling system - known as ASUS Tranquiller Technology - utilizes an optimized blend of astute air flow design, quiet fans and unique heat dissipation materials to ensure that the system stays cool while operating at an extremely quiet 26 dB.

Albert Tung, Managing Director, ASUS (India), said, "With the launch of Eee Top ET 1602, ASUS has introduced its touch screen based technology in India and we are very much optimistic about making this technology popular amongst our potential customers in India. In India ASUS is planning to create a different niche in the PC market which will be catered to by launching different innovative and technologically advanced products from ASUS. Having complete faith on the innovative products that are churned out of the ASUS' Research & Development laboratories; we aim to be amongst the leading PC vendors in India by the year 2012."

"Once again, ASUS' Eee family has come out with a very revolutionary product-Eee Top, a desktop PC with touch screen technology. Eee Top is an exclusive product and is targeted at children and elders who are yet to be introduced to computing devices. With its unique touch screen technology, Eee Top provides a comfortable platform for computing to the new age family." said Mr. Vinay Shetty, Country Head, Components Business, ASUS (India).

The Eee Top ET1602 will available at an MRP of Rs. 44,000 and comes with a two year warranty.

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