We are men of peace, really - the sight of a man dying before you, choking on his own blood as he curses your name and swears revenge from beyond the grave isn't nearly as awesome as the movies make it look. You've got to get everything dry-cleaned and get rid of the body, and it's really just a major hassle. But sometimes, we have no recourse but to use deadly measures on our foes, whether it be self-defense or just a bad day at the office. And when that day does come, we want to make sure we're armed with a weapon that is as modern and stylish as we are. Gone are the days when we'd cheerily bludgeon a foe with a sweatsock full of quarters, or spend all afternoon sharpening a stick to poke a guy's eye out - with our high-tech lifestyle, we need a weapon that fits into our skinny jeans next to our iPhone. This list presents some of our picks for the coolest, most dangerous weapons on (and off) the market today - happy fighting!

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