Finally, Apple has given the macbook pro a much-needed overhaul. Till now, the MacBook Pro has had relatively new Intel-based guts in the same ageing powerbook enclosure. This is the first all-new shell
in a long time.

Design-wise, the new MacBook Pro takes its curvy corners and black chicklet keyboard from the MacBook Air, and its glass-and-aluminum screen surround from the current iMac. The right side holds a slot-loading DVD-RW drive, while all external ports and a neat battery level indicator are lined up on the left. A panel on the bottom flips open to reveal the battery and hard drive, allowing for easy swapping (though the Ram is surprisingly hidden).

One brilliant touch is that this panel can’t be opened when a Kensington lock is attached, which means people can’t steal your laptop's components when you leave it unattended. But the most major new design element is that the entire body is hollowed out of a single slab of aluminum, which means there are no seams and the casing is remarkably light yet sturdy.

Our only complaint is that our test unit had a very loose hinge—just picking it up and tilting it slightly forward made the lid slam down on our thumbs. The new-style keyboard feels odd, but didn’t take us too long to get used to, especially since it’s been standard on the Macbook for a while. The trackpad is now one solid glass block with no visible buttons, although the entire surface can be depressed to click. Sliding over it feels incredible, especially when using the new multi-finger gestures built in to Mac OS X, but resting your thumb on lower edge out of habit often triggers unintended multi-touch gestures.

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