From the time I laid my eyes on Ninja Blade I never thought much of it. It looked like a context sensitive fuelled easy to play Ninja Gaiden for the masses and after some hands on time with the game, I think I was pretty spot on with my assumptions.

The preview build (that by the way was the TGS 2008 build) began over the skies of a futuristic Tokyo. Our protagonist, Ken Ogawa who’s tasked with eliminating a zombie outbreak of sorts jumped off his plane plummeting to Earth with the style and grace most Ninjas exude. Thinking that was a long-ass cutscene I started sipping on my coffee only to be quickly prompted by the game to hammer away on the X key so that Ken could slice incoming enemies on his way down.

From then on, it was five minutes of regular hack and slash gameplay followed by rigorous context sensitive action. To give the devil it’s due the hacking and slashing was mindless and completely shallow but fun to a certain extent. Before I could fully comprehend the combat system that offered multiple light, heavy and ranged attacks, in came a gigantic spider of a boss who I had to avoid with – you guessed it — more context sensitive action.

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