I had dinner at my parents house tonight. We ordered Domino’s sandwiches. Did we use the telephone? No, we did not. We used the computer. It was actually rather nifty. First you type in your location within the US. Then, you type in your address for delivery (if you’re not picking it up yourself…but it kind of defeats the lazy thing we were going for by ordering online so we clicked delivery).You customize your orders just so and then after you choose your payment method the really cool thing happens. You get a light up flashing/blinking progress bar. Order processed - Lit Up. Within seconds we were informed that John was prepping our order. Why thank you John. My attention span being that of a nat, I didn’t stay to see the blinking confirmation of John’s success in that area.
Nontheless, this was all very cool for me. And very sad at the same time. The age of texts and emails and ordering online has pushed the phone into oblivion. Apparently, even hearing the sound of another human voice is too much for us now. I see a future with brain chips that link us to our computer screens so that even typing is obsolete. Floating screens permanently in front of our faces with TomTom directing us when to turn left or stop before we come into contact with another human that we are simply unaware is even there.

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