How To Improve My Web Page Loading Time?

Did you know that you can be losing customers even though they haven't taken a look at your web page? Studies shows that the average person's duration that surfs the web waits for only four seconds for a site to load. So, if you are within that area, you may be in some trouble. The Goal Decreasing the loading time for your website to appear.

Some Tips

1. All widgets such as Google Gadgets and flash graphics are nuisances and only slow down your web page, so it is best to not have them at all, but only use it if it is necessary.
2.Videos that go off automatically once the web page finishes loading can substantially slow down your web page. Removing unnecessary videos can greatly increase your loading duration.
3.Try using external site style sheet for your website. Most browsers nowadays cache websites so once you visit it once, the next time you visit it will load like a charm. Doing this will greatly decrease your site's loading time for returning readers.
4.It is recommended to revert your HTML coded website to CSS.
5.Deleting coding or scripts that is just hanging around can also reduce your site's loading time.
6.If all these techniques has not worked, the last resolution you should commit to is switching to a faster server provider. This is the last resolution that you should turn to if your page has not come below the four second mark.

When you are searching for a high speed provider, remember to look for user reviews and to trust your instincts. If there is a web provider that you are not very familiar with and the price is unbeatable compared to other top web providers, it is most likely too good to be true.

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