Reset account password in Windows XP
How to Reset the user account password in Microsoft Windows Xp, follow the instruction carefully...


1. Turn On Computer and Boot to safe Mode
2. Log on as Administrator
3. Click the Start button, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.The Computer Management window appears.
4. Click the plus (+) sign next to Local Users and Groups in the left column to expand it
5. Click the Users folder
6. In the right column, right-click the user account whose password needs to be reset
7. Click the Set Password button. Then, set password for window appears, where represents the user account being modified.
8. Click the Proceed button.The New password window appears 9. Type the new password for the user account.
10. Type the same password in the Confirm password box, and then click OK.
11. Close the Computer Management window.
12. Restart Windows

When you reset the password for the user account using this method, the following information for that user will no longer be accessible:

•Internet passwords stored on the system.
•Any files the user has encrypted.

Hope this will help!

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