firefo Top 7 Firefox add-on’s pack

1 Foxmarks:
If you use more than one computer then Foxmarks might become handy as it keeps your bookmarks and passwords (optionally) synchronized.

2 Adblock Plus:
This is a must-have add-on for Firefox. Many sites have annoying flash ads in them. Not anymore - Adblock plus blocks them all!

3 Sxipper:
Tired of filling in various web forms and all the spam you get on your e-mail? This add-on automatically fills in registration forms and creates fake e-mails which forward to your e-mail. If you get too much spam from one of the fake e-mail you just cancel forwarding. Simple as that!

4 Greasemonkey:
If you want to make your browsing more comfortable then this comes handy as you can use all the user made scripts. The largest script database is at Userscripts.

5 FireFTP: 1187953401
Don’t want to install an extra program for FTP? Download this add-on and you gain FTP access to servers from your browser.

6 ChatZilla:
Another useful add-on with which you can chat on IRC networks and you don’t have to install a separate program!

7 URL Fixer: 
Ever mistyped the end of a address? This fixes all of your mistakes - if you type directhelpnet.co.ce it automatically corrects it to directhelpnet.co.cc

Except the above I recommend you more Firefox Extensions,that will make firefox more faster,safer and powerful. 

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